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I saw this on the BRTC website and saw a youtube video on it and HAD to buy one to test one out for myself.  Here is the link to the video of the vibrating sponge in use. Looks amazing right??? I was sold but unfortunately when I got it in hand it was a very big disapointment.  First off, the product is very poorly made. It’s made of a very light weight plastic and does not look durable at all in fact it feels cheap.  The sponges look like they are pretty dense and made of pretty good material.  It comes with two little watch batteries and I just couldn’t imagine a lot of power coming out of two little watch batteries so I was very skeptical and for good reason.  The opening for the battery is so cheap looking, it’s just an opening with a small square silicone cover on it that can easy be pulled out and lost if not careful.  I have shown a picture below of the product with the cap on and the back where the battery goes in.  Now for the performance of the product.  It vibrates very little and when pressed against my skin with BB cream on it, it doesn’t really do much.  There is not enough movement and vibration for the gadget to do much.  I put my BB cream on one side of my face with the BRTC smart auto sponge and the right side using my Beauty Blender sponge for comparison and my Beauty Blender still wins for coverage and blending.  I really wanted to love this smart auto sponge but I give it an Fail 🙁 Save your money and get a Beauty Blender folks~!Pin thisimage

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Hey everyone~! I’ve been meaning to do this review for quite some time but I’ve been swamped with weddings! It’s really important for my clients eyeliner to stay put for 10+ hours through tears and sweating and dancing so I’ve done this test on the top 4 gel eyeliners on the market.  I wore all the eyeliners at 9am and checked every hour for any smudging and budging. Enjoy~!

Winner~! Makeup Forever Aqua Black Paired with Aqua Seal

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I absolutely loved this eyeliner and I loved it even more paired with the Aqua Seal.  I just put a small drop of the aqua seal on a spatula and mixed it with the Aqua black eyeliner and it’s the most smudge proof budge proof waterproof gel eyeliner you will ever use.  I also tried using the Aqua Seal with the rest of the eyeliners and made all of them slightly more long wearing than on it’s own. This eyeliner did not smudge till about 11pm at night and I have extremely oily lids so that’s really impressive.

Runner Up MAC Fluidline Blacktrack~!

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This was my go to gel eyeliner before I discovered the makeup forever Aqua Black.  I have been using this eyeliner for 10+ years and it has been my staple go to eyeliner.  This eyeliner stays put but it does not indicate that it is waterproof although it’s pretty water resistant.  The smudging started around 6pm with the MAC fluidline.

Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner

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This eyeliner got great reviews on Sephora and that is why I decided to try this eyeliner for this battle.  The consistency of the eyeliner is kind of cakey and the color is not really a true black but a grey black I feel.  This eyeliner starting budging on my lid around 12pm 🙁

Lancôme Long Wear Calligraphy Gel EyeLiner

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Didn’t love this eyeliner….It went on smooth but it really was smudgy around 11am.  That’s not very long wearing at all for me.  🙁